Great Expectations…

Let’s be honest, we all have great expectations from life. A little bit of this or that, which can give you immense happiness. And, what’s of more interest to a parent than their child ticking all the milestones without a hitch.

Child showing thumbs up sign

I love it when my baby meets the milestones earlier than expected and get disheartened when a milestone seems to be taking time. A little part of me gets sad and wants to do a magic sweep to change things. Does reality ever work that way?

Baby M is about to turn three and there are things I am super proud of, whereas few that I worry about. The peer interaction has been reduced to zero as he has not yet started any form of schooling. And the evenings walk and visits to parks to play with other kids is also not possible. Is he learning enough as his peers? Will he be socially awkward when things are back to normal?

He can count and identify familiar objects. But, with color learning, we are not doing so well. The mother’s heart was so worried that I took him to an ophthalmologist. All, the clinical tests done proved perfect vision and the doctor’s word had me thinking. Do I have too great expectations from the little one to know everything under the sun?

I see 18 months old kid recognizing English alphabets or three-year-old writing numbers and alphabets. The kids coloring perfectly with no colors outside the line. There are unlimited videos which have inspired me to do activity with my son – the finger-painting sessions or DIY projects. These little activities are my way to make him learn while playing. Soon, I also realized that I have too many great expectations from myself too.

With the work from home culture, I was feeling guilty of neglecting my child during the daytime. He has no one else to play around and I cannot play all the time with him. Baby M has adapted with time and indulges in self-play. But again, great expectations!

I do not want to be a Tiger Mom and at times it’s tough to control the urge of wanting more. Overtime, you realize to let things be as it is, and child led learning is best. I have my own flaws and I am learning to be a mother!

Do you ever feel you have one too many expectations from your kid? How do you know when to draw a line? Share your views in the comments. 🙂

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