Have You Ever – A Checklist for Moms!

We have all played some version of this game, where you get questions and answer in binary form – Yes or No. With parenting, the game becomes more fun and secretly we are all guilty of answering more ‘Yes’ for all wrong reasons. 😉

Here is the checklist which I had played recently with other mom friends of mine and funnily I have done my share of goof ups.

  • Have you ever as a new mom forgotten that you had a child recently?
  • Have you ever been puked/peed upon in your hands or hair by your kids?
  • Have you ever left home with spit on your clothes?
  • Have you ever locked a bathroom gate to escape from kids?
  • Have you ever hid your favorite snacks from your kids?
  • Have you ever lied to your kid about the noisy toy that you secretly hid away?
  • Have you ever bribed your kid to hide things from your partner?
  • Have you ever made an excuse to run an errand to get out of the house?
  • Have you ever forgotten in a mall that you got your kid with you for shopping?
  • Have you ever been embarrassed your kid in public?
  • Have you ever apologized to others for your kids funny yet humiliating tantrums in public?
  • Have you ever asked for diapers/wet wipes from strangers in public because the diaper bag was left at home mistakenly?
  • Have you ever absent-mindedly started singing ‘Wheels of the bus’ or ‘Baby Shark do do’ in a public setting or in office?
  • Have you ever got out of events/meetings by using your kids as an excuse?
  • Have you ever let your kid have more screen time/play time, because you are too tired to indulge them?
  • Have you said yes to things and instantly regretted them later?

I had given an answer yes to most of these and I am not even guilty. Locking the bathroom door to bathe in peace is the most common sight in my life now. And, I do hymn the nursery rhymes in office and others around look astonished.

I consider puking and being peed upon is a sign of progress in motherhood. Been there, done that multiple times! There are many other embarrassing yet adorable tales of Baby M that make me laugh and angry at the same time. It’s for anothet time.

How many of these pointers in the checklist did you relate to? Do share your score with us in comments. And, if you like the list, share it with your family and friends and have a laugh together. 🙂

This post is written as part of #MyFriendAlexa by team Blogchatter and I am taking my blog to the next level. You can also read my older post on great expectations from kids.

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