Book Review: Why Can’t Elephants be Red?

Author : Vani Tripathi Tikoo

Publisher: Niyogi books

Genre: Children &Young Adult

Book Rating: 4/5


Akku is a lively, imaginative and adventurous two-and-half-year-old little girl. Growing up partly in Gurgaon and mostly in Singapore, she is the darling of her big joint family. From playing with her fishy friends and beloved puppy to discovering the wonders of swimming pools, sea beaches and food courts, every new experience fills Akku with joy and curious questions. She loves to scribble, draw and colour and her imagination runs riot with elephants that are red, crabs that have mustaches and unicorns that don’t have horns. But the biggest adventure of all awaits Akku- her first day at school.

Book Review

The book takes you through the adventures of Akku. As a toddler, her imagination runs high and everyday is a new opportunity to learn. The toddlers are just beginning to explore the world and use their independence. Akku also does the same as she connects with her new friends.

The language of the book is simple to read and understand. You can read the book to your kids and they would enjoy the storyline. Also, it’s a suitable read for early young readers. The book cover appeals to the kids & my toddler was the first one to turn over all the pages.

The book’s primary focus is on keeping the imagination alive and how adaptable the kids are. They are not bound by rules and are ready to question and learn on their own. As a parent, I can relate to Akku’s innocence and questions as she gets ready for her big day at school.

About the Author

Vani Tripathi Tikoo is a versatile theatre, television and film actor with extensive teaching experience at the Theatre in Education Company of the National School of Drama, New Delhi. Keeping her work with children alive after having written plays that turned into performances and conducting theatre with kids for more than two decades, she has finally forayed into writing for children and this is her first book as an author.

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