Never Say Never!

My father always told us to follow one mantra while growing up, “Never Say Never”. And, most of my life I have followed it. But, parenthood changes many things by definition& I was misled by my own doing. If you are parent and then I have some secrets to share with you. When it comes to your kids, Never Say Never.

Never Say that your kids will not be a pricky eater. Turns out kids will go the opposite way. You will give them chapatti and they will run for the chips. Give them Orange juice and they want Chocolateshake. 🙂

Never Say that your kids will ALWAYS listen to you. If you are saying so now, then wait till your kid learns to be bit independent. Kids do not mean to defy you, but will end up not listening to you as they explore their boundaries. 😉

Never Say that your kids will not be introduced to mobile and TV. Things can go as crazy as pandemic hitting the world. And, unwillingly you will have to introduce your kids for digital world either for online classes or to keep them engaged. How naive was I?

Never Say that you kids will never embarrass you in public. Ha-ha, that’s the biggest misconception a new parent ever has. Kids do the funniest thing and create situations unknowingly. Like lying down on the shop floor crying and refusing to get up. 😉

There will be numerous occasions where the mantra Never Say Never would not work out and be ready out. Have you ever been in any such funny situations? Do share with us in the comments and let us all share a laugh.

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  • urbangypsygirl

    Having raised two children, I can definitely say “never say never.” What I now realize is adults are just grown children with more information, while children are just little humans with their own thoughts, opinions, choices, etc. Tying kids behavior to parenting is also very dangerous. Good kids can have awful parents and vice versa. Great read. Stop by my site if you get a chance! I’d love to see you.

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