My Lessons from 2020!

The clock had struck 00:00 and the firecrackers lit the sky! I had closed my eyes & silently wished for good year 2020. But nature had a surprise waiting for us unlike anything we had ever seen.

The beginning of the year was a happy one for me professionally and personally both. My professional commitments were running on a track and client was content. Personally, I had my trip home after a huge gap to celebrate Holi with family. Baby M was 2 months old when he has last been to Naniโ€™s home and now he was a toddler in tow!

Holi was delightful as it could be with low key celebrations and we returned back to Maharashtra and Kerala fighting for top spots in Corona chart. Who would have thought that the life as we knew was going to change forever? For me, there were more surprising events waiting to happen and here are few lessons that I learnt along the way!

I can cook!

I have always been an emergency cook and entered kitchen only on rare occasions of Cook aunty taking a leave. But, in the lockdown with no external help, I realized that I can cook well. I am not a MasterChef but with help of cooking tutorials things turned out pretty well. And, hearing my son tell me he likes what I cooked was added bonus. Dal-batti, Hakka noodles, baking a cake or the pasta – I have tried them all and now feel comfortable enough to cook without hesitation. Still, it is not my favourite thing to do.

Home-schooling is reschooling of parents!

Baby M was supposed to start formal schooling this year and it would have boosted his confidence to mingle amongst his peers. The inevitable happened and the schools were shut down. I was not comfortable with the idea of online schooling and turned towards home-schooling. And, I must say it was a whole new learning experience for myself. I had to relearn things myself.

We do not follow any fixed structure and each day is anew. The activity boxes and the life skills learnt become our lesson of the day. He has completed three and does not recognize all the letters, but I find it alright.

And yes, we did end up enrolling for mix of online/home schooling model, where the only interaction online is held once a week and kids indulge in craft activities with the teacher.

I am stronger than I think!

Balancing work from home with an active toddler is a responsibility like none other. Baby M has grown up with a nanny around him to take care of him and he is familiar with the concept of both his parents not being around during the day. With 24*7 togetherness, it took us time to settle in a routine and we did it overtime. Personally, there were moments when I doubted my own capabilities, but the spouse and kiddo kept me going.

Personal Health is utmost

With Corona times, we have all learnt to focus on our personal health and hygiene. Washing hands and wearing masks are second nature after breathing.

Life surprised me mid-year when I found out I am pregnant. Being pregnant in a pandemic is nerve-wracking. What will happen? How will I manage? How to handle doctor’s visit? So many uncertainties to walk through! And, I found myself at crossroads. With the hormones going for a ride and the nausea that still haunts me in third trimester, I think I am doing just fine. There are good days and bad days, but focussing on my mental & physical health is a priority. The hubby and little one help around the house and I get time to rest and relax.

For those in the similar boat, I would say hang in there & you would be alright. Trust your instincts!

What new lessons have you learnt this year? How did you cope up with the year 2020? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

**This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi with theme year 2020**

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