Money for the Moon?

The new shiny toy car that lies in the corner of the room or the numerous activity book that have not been opened. Oh, the puzzle that I saw a kid using on instagram looks fun! That game will help sharpen the mind and increase fine motor skills. Look around and you might feel it’s a grand finale of parents overspending money on kids.

Are you buying too many toys that are yet unopened? Is spending money a way to compassionate for the time we are not able to spend with the kids? Are you guilty of doing it? Let’s talk our hearts out today.

I will be honest and confess I have done it. Every new toy that caught my fancy was brought for the kid. Weekends were spent in getting Amazon parcels or going to toy shop and buying a new one. The price did not matter! I have got toys from the weekly Sabzi Mandi (Sunday vegetable market) and equally from Hamleys. And, when on his birthday my sister called me up to ask what age appropriate toy he did not have yet, I had no answer. 😐

Now you might ask, what’s the harm in spending a little over his happiness? The realization was always there that I am overspending, but I had never said it out loud. Thus, came the time to stop and think over my own actions. There is a thin line between needs and fancy wishes which should be maintained. 🙂

Plus point for me is, my kid never asks for new toy. He is happy with the fixed set of toys and games that he has. There is a rotation system in place, where few activity boxes are kept away for few days and others are played with. This continues and hence, he also does not feel bored of the same object.

Another point that I realized, kids don’t need fancy items to enjoy. The packing material and the cardboard boxes are as much utilized as the games inside them (not applicable to current times though). 🙂

My spending habits were for my happiness and in the long run would give him a false sense of achievement.. He might not realize later that you need to put in efforts to get anything in life. And, if you feel still feel like that you need something, then follow my mantra now. I add the items to the cart and revisit them after few days to look at them. It gives me time to realize whether it a need or a wish. 🙂

Have you ever gone through this phase of overspending? How did you cope up with it? Share your personal stories with us in comments.

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