A letter to my second born!

To my sonshine, the fierce one, the one always on the run – you are like none other! Before you had arrived, our lives were settled in a routine. Our days were filled with antics of your brother, who had kept us on our toes. And, I was worried, “How would I love someone other than your brother?”. But, you were easy to love & cherish!

Your brother had decided that he would only have brother as a company. And, he was correct! We might not have celebrated your arrival with the drum rolls, but your brother was your biggest cheerleader. He has been right by your side, since you had arrived from the hospital. A toddler and a new born was an interesting combination to tackle during the lockdown.

With you I have seen all the last of ‘first milestones’ – the first rollover, the first words & the first steps! It was my last time with the baby bump & the last maternity leave. And, God knows I miss a part of me as each day goes by seeing you be independent. You were a silent child, sleeping through the night early on. But, the twos are a different game!

Your wild ways or the times of calm, I enjoy them both the same. You might not always have my full time attention, but you surely know how to demand for it! Over the past two years, I have seen you grow from the silent infant to a strong willed toddler. And, there is no other way I would have it.

With loads of love,


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