It’s a Dog Life…

raju-gpk-653258-unsplashThere are days when I am tired beyond words. The nine hours work culture and then coming home to a kid who misses his mother. It takes a toll on you. The weekends should be reserved only for sleeping and resting. But, that’s the only time when I can spend whole day with Baby M. And, I do not want to miss it any cost. 🙁

I should count my blessings that I have a help around to take care of the household and also a nanny for the baby. Still, I feel exhausted, as if I have not slept in years. Perks of being a mother? Others often say that I have my life easy, I do not have to take care of the child whole day. Do such people even think for a second before speaking?

During maternity, I had all the plans to leave the job or take a sabbatical to take care of M. I had extended my leaves too. Unfortunately, after few months I was at loss. Not taking to anyone, not going out of home. I had to join back work to keep my sanity. Call me selfish if you want to, but without work I was losing my self-confidence.

The mothers who stay away from work to take care of their children deserve an applause. Same is for the mothers who work. There is no right or wrong. How you chose to bring up your child is your decision. As I always say, a mother is never at break. It’s all a dog’s life!

Are you a working mother or stay at home mom? How do you cope up with exhaustion? Do share some tips with us in the comment section.

This is post four of the series for #AtoZChallenge. You can read my last post here.


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