Elephant in the room…

World is full of people who can be categorized into two –

  1. Talk and discuss till you reach a conclusion.
  2. Sleep over it and it would be forgotten by morning.


The first ones would not let go of the problem till it is resolved. There mind will create a gazillion scenarios in which an issue can be handled. Some might even over-analyze the situation at hand. At least you are sure that by the end, all hard feelings have been spoken out.

The second category are the ones who are calm headed. If things go out of hand, they would not fret over it. Letting go does not mean that you are submissive. It might do more good than you can think of.

I for one fall into category one at home and category two for office. Other around me are not always comfortable with it. My parenting style is different from my parents or my in-laws. What they perceive to be correct might not be same as my thinking and vice-versa. Every time the child cries someone rushes to cajole him. I believe that a child should learn to self-soothe too.

All the demands that the child makes should not be agreed to. And, you should never bribe them into doing something, especially, while eating. If a child rejects one food, you do not go ahead and tell them to eat another food item because it is better. Giving salt or sugar at age of six months should be a mother’s choice. And, not to be forced just because the older generation did so.

Very often it so happens that the kid falls on the ground, and others tell to hit the ground because it made the kid fall. What’s the fault of ground in it? Innocent ground punished for no fault of its own. This is one habit which I sincerely dislike and do not let others around me do it to my child. Why teach a child to hurt someone every time they fall or get hurt?

These are just few of the incidents and many more are like elephant in the room – always present but never to be discussed!

How do you cope up with the difference in parenting style within the primary care givers of your child?

This is the post five in the series for #A2ZChallenge. You can read my last post here.





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