Boss Baby in the house!

The movie Boss Baby was a rave when it was released. The baby in his business suits looked at home in the command line. He had the upper maagement vibes who could effortlessly save the day & still look cute. And, then I met my Boss Baby in real life. He has replaced all of us as the head of the house!

Just last weekend, when we planned for a family movie night. We had to spend hours looking for the remote. Kept searching for it in all the regular places, aka, the cabinets, under the sofa, the kitchen drawers and ofcourse the toys baskets. It was nowhere to be seen. The plans were changed and we had an impromptu dance party with Alexa playing in the background. The mystery was revealed next day when the nanny found the TV remote in the kids wardrobe. And, the boss baby had hidden it because he did not want anyone to watch the TV.

And, I can never forget how every toy that bhaiya plays with become his prized possessions too. Even the school books! Bhaiya does the homework & so does the boss baby! We might not be able to say complete words but learning phonics and addition is top priority. Boss baby does what he wants. 🙂

If my office had such strict timelines as this little boss baby, I would surely have gotten my fair share of warnings. We eat when we eat & sleep when we sleep. A shift in timeline is a big no-no. This would definetly be one of the most difficult projects I have ever worked on with no space for lapses. And, scope enhancement is always a possibility!

He maybe demanding, overwhelming or keep you working 24*7. He is still the best little boss you can ask for. The boss responds exactly how he feels & no need to read between the lines. He wants to be held close and form a special bond with his big bro. He adores him & does his best to be able to do all that bhaiya does. It is the purest form of love you can ever experience. And, its all the love that my heart can hold & much more.

Do you think you have a boss baby at home too?

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