B for Bub bub…#AtoZchallenge

Do you remember learning your alphabets? And, alongside alphabets we were taught the common words associated with the alphabet. Become a mother and the A to Z will be rewritten.

B was for Ball.Ā 

B was for Bat.

Not anymore, for now, in my household, B stands for “Bub-Bub”. Anything that the little M wants is Bub-bub. Even, his mom was Bub-bub for a long time. Thankfully, Mom is Mumma now and not Bub-bub anymore.

There is a funny story which makes me chuckle every time I think about it. On rare occasions that I reach home before sunset, I took baby M to the park to enjoy the evening. A normal day for most mothers, but a big achievement for us together. Usually, there are grandparents around to take Baby M to the park and play with him. Because, Mommy got to do the job to keep up with the high dreams and the rising inflation. šŸ˜‰

Again, coming back to the main incident. Baby M decides he wants something that other kids are playing with. To give you the picture, one corner has kids playing on the swings. Then, there are three little girls playing with their dolls and braiding their hair. The older kids are skating diagonally to us and the last corner has six year-old kids playing cricket with a comparatively bigger ball. Baby M is running in all directions crying for the Bub-bub he wants. And the helpless mother, unable to comprehend what new object has fascinated my child.

I stop and think for a second, dolls don’t interest him much. We just went on the swings, he is definitely too small for skating. And, that’s when I realized that Master M has found his new love in cricket and the Ball is the new ‘Bub-bub’. The kids who refuses to even touch the ball at home and play fetch with it, is adamant to get the ball that kids our playing with. Lovely kids, entertained the baby M for sometime before we head back to home.

Keeping the new information handy, I declare that park time is now officially the ‘Bub-bub time of the day’. Oops, it is the ‘Ball time of the day’. This happened two months ago and never again has my son shown any interest in playing with balls again. But, as ritual he will carry his ball to the park in his bag and refuse to take the ball out.

An object of mystery becomes object of endearment in nanoseconds and then all love is lost forever too soon. It is the Dilemma of my life. And, till to learn to speak little one, mommy is going to keep solving the puzzle of ‘B for Bub-Bub’.

This is the second post of the #AtoZChallenge. Did you take time to decode the secret language of your child? How long before you understood it all?

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