Apple of My Eyes… #A2Z2019

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You are the center of my world, my most prized possession & my will to stay immortal. For you gave me the title of Mother. I loved kids even as a kid!ย Well, to be honest, we are all good parents till parenthood begins. All in between the pregnancy and child leaving home for college passes in blur. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had seen plenty of new parents around me throughout my life. Aunts having kids, cousins having kids, my sibling having kids. All these the perks of having a huge family nearby!ย  But, I could not be more ignorant of the struggles of parenthood – especially motherhood. All those coming to respond that Father has an equal role in parenting. Hold on, did you really carry the child in your womb for 40 weeks? Or were you able to take a day off every time the kid was unwell or had to be picked up from those soccer sessions? Or were you subjected to all the scrutiny about your child’s height, weight, yada-yada?

Silly me, got a little carried away! My little baby M, you bring immense joy to my life and add a daily dose of zeal to get throughout the day. Seeing you running towards me after 10 hours of being away for work is the highlight of my day. Mommy wants to see you happy, healthy and hearty. You are the Apple of My Eyes!

apple of my eyes

First post of the series of #A2Z2019. This is my corner where I would talk about my motherhood journey without any inhibitions. Welcome to follow my journey throughout the month of April.


Ramblings of a corporate mother as I juggle both motherhood & work


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