Kisses outside & Kicks inside!

A little kid kissing pregnant belly

Have you ever felt yourself overwhelmed by all the love your toddler is showering on you? The hugs and kisses are served at any moment. It is this innocence which melts my heart every time Baby M comes up to hug me.

He has just turned 3 and I see there is a difference in behaviour. Magically he has realized he is 3 year plus one day and he needs to be more assertive. The sudden kisses have reduced and we are now more into occasional cuddles. It’s all his way of saying I am in control. And, I had read that it’s better not to force your kid for kisses and cuddles. Let them be their self and set boundaries of their comfort zone.

What can you do about the kicks that you get from inside while being pregnant? The sudden sensations like a fluttering or gas that catch your attention. The child’s first kick are memorable events and you remember the exact moment when it occurs.

It is an experience with no parallel, since you can’t compare it with any other experience in life. If you are pregnant for first time, then it might take you time to realize what’s actually happening. And, you might even ignore it under the suspicion of being gaseous anxiety. At least, I had ignored it during my first pregnancy.

A secret that I am letting out now is that I am experiencing it all over again. The little flutters or popcorns popping – that’s the best way I can describe it. I was able to identify the baby movements early on this time as I had the similar feelings captured from last pregnancy.

At the mid-way mark, the movements have just started getting stronger and an occasional kick comes up when I am relaxing. It’s a secret way of communication between me and the little one. No one else understands this language. The little one kicks and I caress my belly. In next few months, things would get crazy but this feeling is there to stay. The punches and jabs on the ribs would be in full force and we would play around the game of punches and pushes. 🙂

Baby M has been just introduced to the idea that he will have a little baby to play with. But there is so much more left to prepare him for the arrival and we have time to do it all. Lucky am I to experience both the kisses outside and kicks inside together! 🙂

How was your experience of the baby kicks when you were pregnant? Were you able to identify them early on? Also, do your toddlers kiss you often now or there are other ways in which they show their affections? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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  • शिप्रा त्रिवेदी

    Congratulations for your second time good news. I can so relate to your post as I delivered my second one in the month of May this year. Like you, I has started noticing baby movements really early. And with come coming close to due date and the baby growing inside, kicks were getting stronger and very frequent. I even worried and googled if over moving baby is fine or not. But it was all good.

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